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The following page is dedicated to whoever  needs a first and fast support. There are three different areas, one listing FAQ about our Dental solutions, one for our industrail solutions and a third one for generic issues.

General Questions

No. Our softwares are strichtly compatible with Windows OS, we suggest to keep it updated.

Fill up the form in the contact area, fill in all the tabs and we’ll forward your infomration to your local reseller.

Fill up the form in the contact area, choose as the object “become a distributor” and we’ll privately provide you the required informations.

We recommend to use Dell personal computers or Workstations, equipped with an NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 1050Ti (or higher) Graphic card.
HERE you’ll be able to download minimum requirements, on the other hand you can get in touch with your local distributor for updated information or directly write us from the contact form.

No. It is not. For pricing and conditions please refer to your local distributor or directly write us from the contact form.

The first support is provided by the reseller. If the problem can’t be solved, the reseller will contact our Support center in order to offer a solution in  the shortest possible time.

Dental Questions

All Open Technologies scanners have an automatic calibration procedure and a calibration plate supplied with any scanner. For each scanner model, the calibration procedure is explained at the following links:


N.B. we suggest to calibrate the scanner once the working temperature is reached, both of the scanner and of the surrounding room.

The light that normally is in a dental lab or in an office is not a problem for the scan. Nevertheless, we suggest to avoid to direct intense light sources on the scanning area.

White structured light. Not being a laser source, it is not dangerous for the users’ eyes.

First of all, we suggest to place the scanner in a room dedicated to digital machines, without dusts or manufacturing residues in the air. The normal dust that set over time can be cleaned from the scanner’s cover with a cloth.

WARNING: do not touch optics with hands or cloths! remove the dust in excess with a light compressed air spray! We suggest to recalibrate the scanner once these operations are carried out.

We suggest to recalibrate the scanner any time it is relocated or the support plane is moved. If the position is unchanged and the use of the machine is standard, we suggest the calibration every 2-3 months.

It is enough to send an email of request to support@scanner3d.it, including the following information:

– Serial number of the scanner (OPTREV-D-A… see following FAQ),

– Registration ID,

– Software version in use (for example: 4.5).

We will send you as soon as possible a new licence code to be pasted in the specific window.

On the back of any Open Technologies scanner, close to the power button, there is a label with all the legal data and the serial number of the scanner, which is similar to OPTREV-D-####.

The same information is mentioned at the margin of the software – lower one (for OpticalRevEng Dental) upper one (for Click and ScanWay).

All Open Technologies dental scanning software have constant and continuous updates, included with no additional cost.

All our scanning software automatically check the presence of a more updated version on our server and ask confirmation to the user before going on with the installation, that can be postponed. To force the manual research for an update, visit the dedicated Wiki pages.

The inner memory of the scanner contains a licence key. Once formatted, the scanner cannot work anymore and the licence can be restored only by your reseller, with a direct support of Open Technologies.

Industrial Questions

Industrial 3d Scanner by Open Technologies are stand alone devices and do not need any tracking system.
The object itself will become a reference for your scans. Revolutionary, isn’t it?

The resolution of a 3d Scanner is its sensitivity to details, it depends on both the resolution of the sensor and the optical setup.
The value in Micrometers literally indicates the distance between points on a single 3d image.

Accuracy can be a very broad subject. Accuracy slightly vary upon different measuring volumes, however, our equipments are delivered with a unique certification (according to German Standards VDI-VDE 2634) stating the exact performances of your device.

The system include the sensor, a unique, certified calibration plate, a professional Tripod and a full license of Optical RevEng.
Everything you need for your 3d Scanner business.
In addition, you get 1 year warranty and full customer support.

No, it is not. Objects to scan can exceed the measuring volume, Optical RevEng offers different registration tools that would make it smooth.

We can Export the following formats.
Polygonal files: Stl, Ply, Obj, Off
Point clouds: Pc, Asc, Xyz, Pts, Npts, Vtx, E57, Pcd, Pwn
Polylines: Igs

Generally, no. Almost every material is suitable for 3D scanning. For obvious reason, translucent, reflective or shiny objects may be problematic,those objects can either be scanned with a mattening agent or painted.

Yes it is, and no additional operations are required.

Yes, constantly. We belong to one of the fastest-growing market, developments are mandatory.

No, it is not. However our maintenance program provides priceless services. Contact us if you want to know more.

The sensor itself is very bulky, however, being an optical-electronic equipment we recommend the same attention you would use to handle your new digital camera or smartphone.
The calibration plate has to be stored in  a controlled environment and, for no reason, should be pulled out from its case.

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