3D System Official Partner

3D scanning is the starting point to satisfy customer’s request to the countless and various applications (inspection, reverse engineering, design, 3D prototyping etc.)

Thanks to the partnership with 3D Systems, and the combination between hardware and software, Open Technologies offers to the customer a complete, innovative and state of the art 3D solution suited to any need.

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Scan to Design X

Scan to Design is the industry’s most comprehensive reverse engineering solution. It features Geomagic DesignX, the most complete reverse engineering software on the market.

The union between Design X and Nyx, allows you to satisfy your specific Design needs.

Geomagic Design X is the easiest way to create editable, feature-based CAD models from a Cronos or Aurum scanner and integrate them into your existing engineering design workflow.

Do the impossible and reduce your costs.


Geomagic Control X

In view of the growing complexity of product shapes and functions, analysis of small parts is becoming an essential step among most of the manufacturing processes.

Geomagic® Control X ™ is a comprehensive metrology software platform that delivers the industry’s most powerful inspection tools within straightforward workflows.

The combination enables controlled, traceable and repeatable workflows for the quality assurance inspection process. Revolutionize Your Inspection Routines with a new User Interface, innovative new metrology and inspection tools.

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS

Capture physical objects in 3D directly within SOLIDWORKS using Geomagic® Capture ™ 3D Scanner: the most powerful 3D scanner and integrated, more powerful industrial-level software.

Bring the real world into the digital world and take advantage of existing shapes and designs in yours. Add complex design elements and create creative models around the scanned components.

Geomagic Wrap

Intelligent, automatic and flexible. Geomagic Wrap offers the best experience and the highest quality 3D data from scanning data for high accuracy and productivity.

Geomagic Wrap delivers the industry’s most powerful toolbox to transform 3D scan data and imported files into 3D models for immediate use downstream.

From engineering to entertainment, art to archeology and manufacturing to museums, people from every walk of life are effortlessly reverse engineering perfect 3D models from scan data and 3D files using Geomagic Wrap.

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