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What makes Neway special? Scanway

Scanway is the most flexible scanning software ever. Its outstanding performances, increased by NEWAY‘s features, makes it the professional software suitable for all dental labs.

Simply functional

SCANWAY is the synthesis of Open Technologies’ scanning software best characteristics. Thanks to its numerous functionalities and to its appealing interface, it allows users to be productive in a few easy steps.


The software advanced algorithms drastically reduce the computing, alignment and data acquisition time. This makes SCANWAY one of the most efficient software on the market.


Follow the easy instructions of the scanning wizard or work freely and easily according to your experience thanks to the intuitive interface. Scanway is able to adapt to all your necessities.


The new interface, with its short instructions and its easy-to-understand icons, makes the scanning experience straight-forward and immediate for both, beginners and experts.

Simultaneous Mesh Generation

While the user moves forward in the scanning project, SCANWAY automatically generates the triangle meshes of the already scanned elements. In this way, the exportation waiting times are basically cut off.

Automatic Alignments Development

With SCANWAY, Open Technologies proposes its improved automatic alignments. No longer based on the single element, but on groups of elements, Scanway’s automatic alignments give a better overview of the project, making the process faster.

Open and Customisable

Scanway guarantees the exportation of all the most common open formats (STL, OBJ, OFF, PLY). Moreover, it allows choosing the level of detail for your scans. Thanks to the Concept Quad and Dynamic Articulation optional modules you will also able to personalize your workflow with supplemental scanning procedures.

Automatic Free Updates

SCANWAY, as all the Open Technologies’ scanning software, can be automatically updated with no additional costs. Thanks to the periodic notices proposed by the software, updates have never been so easy!

Online Wiki Manual

All the Scanway’s features and processes are described in detail in the Online Wiki Manual, directly connected to the scanning software.

Exocad Official Partner

Open Technologies is glad to be an Exocad official reseller.

We are able to support, train and assist all our clients purchasing Exocad CAD software.

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