Optical RevEng

What makes Open Technologies a prominent player in the 3D metrology Market

Software Made in Open Technologies.

Optical Reveng is the 3D software platform that runs and manages our whole range of Industrial sensors and their outputs.

A complete set of tools for the acquisition and editing of 3D Geometries.

Main Features

Why Optical RevEng is the perfect software for 3D model generation?


Optical RevEng is the result of intense implementation and research.

The stability is guaranteed by algorithms and engines that have been upgraded over the last 20 years.

Industry’s most powerful set of tools in a linear, fast and accurate workflow.


Optical RevEng introduces a new approach to the 3D scan process.

Different workflows are presented to the user independently, professionals can focus their attention only on the specific needs of the project.


Open Technologies software platforms follow a strict development and implementation plan.

Thanks to the experienced gained over the years, Open Technologies equipments evolve and develop along with the market, the release of new tools and updates is guaranteed

Linear Workflow

Optical Reveng 3.0 has an intuitive and linear approach to different operations.

In case the user needs to simply calibrate the sensor, or in case the need is to edit previously acquired data as well as commencing a new project; Optical Reveng guides the user through the whole process, reducing drastically the incidence of an error.

Smart Registrations

Optical Reveng allows the registration of different frames thanks to cutting-edge algorithms.

Register every single frame according to the geometries of the part itself, thanks to a synchronized manipulator or with the aid of photogrammetry targets.


Optical Reveng monitors the sensor in real time.

Thanks to on-board electronics and sensors, the software guarantees the reliability of different processes, capturing any environmental change or movement of the sensor itself, ensuring high quality measurements.

User-Friendly Interface

Thanks to a modern and simple interface, Optical Reveng guides the user through the different workflows intuitively and effectively.

User experience is significantly improved: The attention is focused on key elements of the workflow, steps are clear and defined.

3D System Official Reseller

Open Technologies is glad to be a 3D System official reseller.

We are able to support, train and assist all our clients purchasing Exocad CAD software.

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