Optical RevEng Dental

mokeup optical dental

The product of our experience

The OpticalRevEng Dental scanning software has been developed year after year and it has become a stable tool, full of features for any necessity and, at the same time, very easy to use.

Tangible reliability

Constantly shaped upon users’ necessities, OpticalRevEng Dental is today the modular scanning software for those who look for efficiency and practicality.


The software structure, strengthened during years, offers trustworthy scanning and editing tools for every type of work.


As OpticalRevEng Dental can be associated with three different scanner models (EASY, SMART and DELUXE), it is made of scanning modules that make it flexible and customisable.


OpticalRevEng Dental exports the scanning files in all the most common open formats (STL, OBJ, PLY, OFF), guaranteeing full freedom in the choice of the CAD and of the related production methods.

Free or Guided Scanning

The software can be adjusted to your knowledge, guiding you in the scanning process with easy, complete and immediate instructions.

At the same time, the expert users can scan with the free mode, with no limitations.

Everything you need

OpticalRevEng Dental can be set up according to your lab needs. Enable one or more scanning modules and create the software more suitable for the necessities of your specialisation.

Endless Changes

Every project scanned with OpticalRevEng Dental can be uploaded, modified (even slightly), saved again and exported.

Automatic updates

Open Technologies is committed to always offer updated and improved scanning software; for this reason, periodic and automatic upgrades are available with no additional costs.

Online Wiki Manual

All the OpticalRevEng Dental’s features and processes are described in detail in the Online Wiki Manual, directly connected to the scanning software.

Exocad Official Partner

Open Technologies is glad to be an Exocad official reseller.

We are able to support, train and assist all our clients purchasing Exocad CAD software.

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