It all starts with an impression

1CLICK is the scanning software specialized in the impressions acquisition in a few easy steps. The export files can be then sent to your trustworthy partner within seconds, reducing both, the costs and the time of the entire process.

Stress-free Scanning

Conceived to scan only impressions and thanks to its wizard and its wide database, 1CLICK is the most automatic and consistent scanning software developed by Open Technologies.


Being conceived to scan only impressions, with 1Click’s scanning features it’s possible to get excellent results also with objects that are usually difficult to acquire.


1Click saving and transmission files procedures are direct and fast. Files are processed and then automatically sent to the selected partner without any additional setting.


Thanks to its features and its entirely guided procedure, 1Click is a very user-friendly scanning software. The understandable icons and the easy-to-follow instructions will guide you through the project in a few minutes.

For all kinds of impressions

With 1CLICK scanning software it’s possible to select different types of project for different kinds of impression, like individual or triple-tray impressions. Moreover, with the specific optional holder, it’s possible to scan two impressions (upper and lower) with the vestibular impression as reference for the occlusion.

Don’t lose your time

With 1CLICK it’s possible to scan all the impressions taken during a workday and send them to your selected collaborators for different kind of projects. Your partner will automatically receive the files in real time using any sharing platform you prefer.

Wide database

1CLICK allows creating different profiles and your own database of dentists, labs and collaborators. These profiles can be used to  automatically send files and keep track of the information of everything that has been scanned.

Automatic updates

Open Technologies is committed to always offer updated and improved scanning software; for this reason, 1Click carries out periodic and automatic upgrades, with no additional costs.

Online Wiki Manual

All the Scanway’s features and processes are described in detail in the Online Wiki Manual, directly connected to the scanning software.

Exocad Official Partner

Open Technologies is glad to be an Exocad official reseller.

We are able to support, train and assist all our clients purchasing Exocad CAD software.

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