Stone 400

For Stone and Marble Works

Suitable for School and Labs

STONE 400 along with NC Machineries allows to realize your artworks in very short times, mantaining the exact same finishing and an unmatched resolution for details, guaranteeing a further optimization of the production cost/selling point ratio.



STONE 400 helps in acquiring digital models of parts to be restored or copied, keeping the exact  same shapes and the same finishing.


STONE 400 is delivered in a kit that includes everything is needed to complete your 3D scans.

Dedicated software tools optimize the 3D model making it suitable to be imported in Cam Environments.


STONE 400 is designed to work in a lab as well as on site.

The 3d scanner is portable and can be calibrated by the user in a few simple steps.

The Software: Optical RevEng

Every Open Technologies 3D scanner includes our software Optical RevEng, it allows the user to create the 3D model with a straight forward workflow.

Thanks to our years of experience in manufacturing 3D scanners, Open Technologies has keeping updating our own scanning software, making the process more rapid and precise and increasing the user productivity.

In few seconds you’ll see your 3D model appearing on your monitor.




Digital Cataloguing

Cultural Heritage

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