Insight 3

Scan how and where you want

A portable 3D Scanner

INSIGHT3 is a real time scanner that provides high resoluted and extremely accurate 3D model in a matter of seconds.

It is light, portable and very easy to use.



INSIGHT3 is the right choice to achieve fast and accurate, full color, 3d geometries.

It works as a camera, simply frame the part and, literally, walk around it.

The range of different possible configurations and the ease of use make it the perfect equipment for the most various applications.


INSIGHT3 was designed to be used on human bodies, from feets to faces.

Thanks to revolutionary projection techniques and to an intense and careful engineering stage of the lightsource, it is possible to scan any body part or directly scan a face, keeping the process safe and without annoying the patient with strobe-like flashes.  

Instant Output

Enjoy high quality result in real time.

INSIGHT3 is one of a kind in the way it manages outputs: once the acquisition is over, the result is immediately displayed and is ready for next steps.

No post-processing needed.


Thanks to an unparalleled accuracy, INSIGHT3 is suggested for the following applications



Product Design



The Software: Optical RevEng

Every Open Technologies 3D scanner includes our software Optical RevEng, it allows the user to create the 3D model with a straight forward workflow.

Thanks to our years of experience in manufacturing 3D scanners, Open Technologies has keeping updating our own scanning software, making the process more rapid and precise and increasing the user productivity.

In few seconds you’ll see your 3D model appearing on your monitor.

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