Designed to acquire small parts down to the tiniest details.

Small details can make a difference

AURUM 3D and AURUM LT are professional 3d scanners specifically engineered for the digitization of small parts with intricate shapes.

Designed as a Desktop equipment and equipped with a synchronized rotary manipulator, it allows to simply scan and acquire your parts to be engineered or copied.

Aurum is meant to satisfy the need of acquiring small parts in a completely automated way.

Aurum 3D

Scanner Aurum

Aurum LT

Scanner Aurum


AURUM is a professional system designed to 3D scan small complicate parts that require the highest possible resolution and an absolute attention to details.


AURUM is an instrument that can be installed basically everywhere.

Thanks to its dimensions and weights, it is a proper desktop solution that can be fitted in any lab.


AURUM Ensure the highest possible automation. Once it is identified a scan strategy, the manipulator manage positioning of the part through the whole scan process.

The same applies for calibration procedures, automatic or semi-automatic depending on the specific configuration.

The Software: Optical RevEng

Every Open Technologies 3D scanner includes our software Optical RevEng, it allows the user to create the 3D model with a straight forward workflow.

Thanks to our years of experience in manufacturing 3D scanners, Open Technologies has keeping updating our own scanning software, making the process more rapid and precise and increasing the user productivity.

In few seconds you’ll see your 3D model appearing on your monitor.


Thanks to an unparalleled accuracy, AURUM is suggested for the following applications


Dimensional Inspection

Reverse Engineering



Fashion Design

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