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The tailored scanner

SMART is the most flexible scanner on the market; it can be customized in all its aspects. Moreover, it is reliable and precise, perfect to work with implants and on full models.

Smart Big

Scanner Aurum

Smart Small



With its 5µm accuracy certified according to standards of reference in the field, SMART is precise and reliable for all kinds of project. The robust structure of the scanner keeps the calibration stable, to guarantee the best performances of the unit.


SMART is available in two dimensions: big, to scan articulators, or small, to save space; moreover, its licence can be integrated with basic modules to scan impressions, orthodontics models and models for removable frameworks.

Software Optical RevEng

Each Open Technologies 3D scanner is associated with its own scanning software, developed in-house, which processes the data of the acquired model and then exports them in the most common open formats.

The perfect synergy between Smart and OpticalRevEng Dental creates a complete and flexible scanning system that allows optimal results in a few simple steps.

mokeup optical dental

What can I scan?

Discover more about the kinds of objects that you can scan with SMART


Silicone bite



Removable gingiva





*Optional only for BIG



Model for removable frameworks


Model for orthodontics


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