Limitless Scanning

The non-conventional scanner

Incredibly fast and versatile, NEWAY allows scanning any type of object thanks to its wide and accessible scanning chamber. Accurate as all the other Open Technologies’ scanners, NEWAY optimises your daily work and it adapts to your necessities.


Our colors available

Green and White Glossy

Black Opaque


Open in its structure and features, NEWAY makes the objects’ positioning and the data scanning procedures easy and intuitive. Scan with no limitations any type of articulator, model or tiny object thanks to the provided accessories.


NEWAY scanning accuracy, 5µm calculated, is guaranteed and certified by the sector reference regulations ISO 12836 and VDI/VDE 2634. This makes NEWAY perfect to scan complex projects like implant cases or full models.


NEWAY’s components advanced technology allows scanning a single arch in just 14 seconds. This intrinsic speedness, combined with the included accessories, like the multi-die holder, or the optional accessories, like the Concept Quad kit, increases the already high scanning performances of this model.

What can I scan?


Silicone bite

Model for orthodontics

Model for removable frameworks




Removable gingiva





What makes Neway special? ScanWay

Each Open Technologies 3D scanner is associated with its own scanning software, developed in-house, which processes the data of the acquired model and then exports them in the most common open formats.

The perfect synergy between NeWay and ScanWay creates a complete and flexible scanning system that allows optimal results in a few simple steps.

mokeup optical dental

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