Complete and performing

The Full Optional Scanner

Thanks to its solidity and the wide range of optional modules it already includes, DELUXE is a cornerstone of Open Technologies dental product range; a guarantee of quality and safety at the service of your laboratory.



Equipped with cameras that acquire colors and texture of models and increased speed performances in comparison with Smart and Easy, DELUXE is the precise and performing scanner for all users who desire working on multiple kinds of project.


DELUXE allows to scan any kind of object like articulators, models with implants and impressions. It is also a complete model, including all scanning modules of OpticalRevEng Dental software (Concept Quad and Dynamic Articulation excluded).

Software Optical RevEng Dental

The OpticalRevEng Dental scanning software has been developed year after year and it has become a stable tool, full of features for any necessity and, at the same time, very easy to use.

mokeup optical dental

What can I scan?

Discover more about the kinds of objects that you can scan with DELUXE


Silicone bite

Model for orthodontics

Model for removable frameworks




Removable gingiva





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