Case Studies

Discover how our 3d Scanners are used in different working environments and for different applications.


QUALITY ASSURANCE A fast, high precision approach to incoming goods quality controls. TARGET In early 2015 Open Technologies was in the process of developing a new real time acquisition device shaped for human body scans, Insight3. Due to hardware and ergonomics requirements, the shell of the scanner has a very complex shape; which lead to

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car restoration


VINTAGE CAR RESTORATION VenderKampen solid modeling TARGET When people image the production departments of the biggest markets in the world, they think that everything is carried out with new futuristic technologies. That’s almost always true, new production techniques have revolutionized the production cycles over this 30 years, but when it comes to start building a

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reverse engeneering packaging


Packaging Design REVERSE ENGINEERING OF SCREWDRIVER TARGET Everyday packaging designers face challenges the final buyer would never say. What are the main features of Good Packaging? It has to be Economical, if packaging is expensive, it increases the product cost; it has to look Attractive and Communicative, in order to draw customers’ attention; it has

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Reverse Engineering Of a plastic bottle TARGET The objectives of the measuring and reverse engineering session is the complete reconstruction of A-Class surfaces of a plastic water bottle and an overall inspection of surfaces. Packaging manufacturer strived over the recent years in order to identify a device capable of digitize existing model down to the

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lens inspection


T-LED’S LENS INSPECTION TARGET With the introduction of 3D scan technologies, mould inspection and tools for production has been taken to the next level. Measurements that once was done with traditional techniques, such as CMM (coordinate measuring machine) or other contact measuring technologies are now suitable to be carried out with an optical equipment. In

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Deformation measurements and analysis at the Vicarage of Saint Martin Parish Church

Deformation measurements and analysis at the Vicarage of Saint Martin Parish Church TARGET Classic deformation measurements basically consist in placing reference points, distributed symmetrically as a grid or attached at selected principal points of movement. Measurements points can be determined with a fair precision and a standard deviation of less than a millimeter. However, these

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stampo scanner 3d

Footwear Industry

Molds for the production of footwear Use of the 3D scanner in the footwear industry The company Open Technologies has been established with the purpose of design and produce optical 3D scanners for the dental and industrial fields. Thanks to the constant  rogress of the R&D department, and thanks to the company’s investments in the

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