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FARO® Announces acquisition of Opentechnologies

FARO® ANNOUNCES ACQUISITION OF OPEN TECHNOLOGIES Dear Distributor, dear Supplier and dear Customer, we are glad to finally announce you that starting Monday 16th July 2018 Open Technologies has entered the great FARO ® universe. Hard work has been done in the past months to coordinate this acquisition and bring our Company to

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Official Release of ScanWay 1.5

Official Release of ScanWay 1.5 4 June 2018 One year after the first official release, we are ready for the new version of ScanWay: version 1.5 “We are proud of the release of ScanWay – version 1.5: we applied several changes to improve the users experience and the opportunities of

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Open Technologies – 17 years of shared projects

Open Technologies – 17 years of shared projects Some say number 17 brings bad luck. For Open Technologies, 2017 has been a year full of events: important challenges, new projects, decisive change. The 17th is the day in which projects and ideas evolved into reality. There have been numerous successes but

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