Who We Are

Research oriented. Long term vision. Enterpreneurship. Those are the main foundations on which Open Technologies has been founded, now leading developer and manufacturer of Professional optical 3d structured light scanners in Italy.
Phd Engineers Matteo Carocci and Alessandro Patrioli, driven by the determination to mix their Academic knowledge into an established business, invested on a new technology, sure that it will represent a revolution in future manufacturing stages. Thanks to Gianfranco Chiapparini, local businessman and visionary, Open Technologies was founded on January the 17th, 2001.

At the beginning the core business of Open Technologies was providing services to the challenging universe of north Italian industries. Field-testing what the actual difficulties, advantages and limits of a new, emerging technology may be.  This approach allowed the constantly growing technical team, to enrich their professional backgrounds and to form an efficient problem-solving attitude.

This journey ends with 2006 turning point. Research and development has now become an essential part of the company and, guided by passion and enthusiasm, Open Technologies decided to invest in the development of their own first complete solution, a 3d scanner along with an acquisition software for serial production. The market asked for an automatic easy-to-use device, Open Technologies’ technicians start to conceive the winning idea of a pre-configured digitizing machine.

The intuition and, then, sperimentation of an active stereo vision acquisition leads to a consistent reduction in manufacturing costs and to the release of the first marketed 3d industrial scanner by Open Technologies: Optical RevEng LE. Open Technologies is now finally independent: hardware is completely designed and assembled internally, the acquisition and editing software (Optical RevEng 1.0) is now fully developed internally and, at this day, updated more than twice a year. Thanks to the professional backgound gained over the “service years”, Open Technologies is now the leading provider of digitizing services.


Areas of application ranged from sectors such as orthopaedic, footwear, prototyping and mechanic.
Open Technologies is now testing industrial grounds, and, understanding the potential, it starts diversifying the products range in order to satisfy any specific industry technical need.

Shortly after those developments, a big and promising market was on the rise, dental scanners; having the know-how, Open Technologies dived into it.
The following years are marked by high growth rate allowing a fast human resources expansion and the consequent division between the different sectors, Open Technologies Dental and Open Technologies Industrial.

With the same passion, energy and interest in optical technology as the very first day, Open Technologies is now proud to be a landmark on both domestic and international markets.
Since the first steps the company believes that individual commitment to a group effort is the key that makes a team, a company and a group work.


Via Matteotti 161/163A 25086 Rezzato (BS) Italy | Phone: +39 030.3543106 | ID/P.IVA e C.F. 03598170177 | C.S. € 20.000,00 Interamente versato