Industrial Design

Highest flexibility in Design and manufacture

Dimensional Inspection

Open Technologies 3D scanners allow accurate dimensional controls on your parts; the metrological analysis highlights deviations and differences between the real object and the project.

With the help of a CAI platform, it is possible to verify single quotes or directly import quotes from the original Cad file.

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Product Design

Open Technologies 3D  scanners provide accurate 3d scans of your prototypes for further CAD modelling.

Outputs can be used directly in rapid prototyping systems such as 3D printers or sinterizing machines.

3D Scan Results can be modified or scaled according to users needs.

Reverse Engineering

What’s Reverse Engineering? It is a stream of engineering that starts from a physical concept and not from an idea.

3D Scans can be used as a foundation for future designs, while the re-engineered part can be modified or used, for example, for mould developments.

Our technologies are successfully used in the mould industry as the base for Reverse Engineering for new parts development, tooling or spare parts.

Cronos 3D
Cronos 3D
Cronos 3D

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