Official Release of ScanWay 1.5

4 June 2018

One year after the first official release, we are ready for the new version of ScanWay: version 1.5

“We are proud of the release of ScanWay – version 1.5: we applied several changes to improve the users experience and the opportunities of work with our top-of-the-range scanner NeWay”.

Among the most important news we point out: new scanning strategies and performances, renewed functionalities of the Reference Rim, an improved acquisition of the implants, an even more linear and intuitive user interface, and much more.

The substantial news of the top-of-the-range software are several:

    • New “Expert” mode added to guided and free mode, for an even more fluid and flexible workflow
    • Addition of connectors in the teeth panel for different waxup, to export them corectly to the CAD
    • During manual alignments, the second interactor can be expanded to make the window bigger and place the points more easily on the object
    • Opportunity to show/hide the libraries from the 3D view during the alignment
    • Advanced diagnostic of implant libraries when not correctly loaded
    • Possibility to update the guided procedure when Exocad project is modified with no need to restart the scanning software
    • Opportunity to start the software even without license to allow diagnosis on the hardware
    • Control over warming up parameters of the scanner
    • New functions of the reference rim, used to calibrate axis (if the license does not include the optional module Dynamic Articulator), making the procedure faster and more precise
    • Renewed impression strategy, with the possibility to acquire stumps separately and align them later with the reference
    • Support to the acquisition of the Movement Marker of Zebris
    • Additional data acquired during an integration are displayed in color
    • For the optional module Concept Quad: possibility to scan unsectioned models first and separate stumps later, to be aligned to the reference
    • Improvement of the interface for compatibility to 2K/4K monitors