Packaging Design



Everyday packaging designers face challenges the final buyer would never say.

What are the main features of Good Packaging?
It has to be Economical, if packaging is expensive, it increases the product cost; it has to look Attractive and Communicative, in order to draw customers’ attention; it has to last, be Protective and Convenient, every single product aspect should not decline or get damaged, middlemen moving the batches as well as retailers and final users must see shape and size as an advantage; finally it needs to be Unique and Creative, it grows brand awareness, if a product look like any other it may go unnoticed.

The object to be acquired is a screwdriver, porpuses of the scans are multiple.
The 3d data output can be equally used for a first complete inspection of the part and as a basement for packaging design, once the package is designed it is suitable for any rendering porpuses; finally, in case of no technical drawings history, the part can be redesigned in the reverse engineering software.


Open Technologies Cronos Dual 2.0 Mpx, 250 mm measuring volume.
Due to symmetrical shapes, the part is placed on the roto- manipulator TRM010 for automatic alignment and merging of pointclouds.
Thanks to this expedient, single shots registration is automatically guided by the rotation axis of the manipulator.
Cronos Dual delivers so called “ready to print” 3d models, the resulting STL do not require particular editing.
Once the 3d model is completed, it is imported into Geomagic DesignX for the reverse engineering stages and direct modelling of the blister packaging.

Hardware e Software

  •  Cronos Dual 250 mm 2.0 Mpx
  •  Tripod
  •  Portable workstation
  •  Optical RevEng 2.4
  •  Rotatry manipulator TRM010
  •  Geomagic DesignX

Flusso di lavoro

1) With the screwdriver standing still, the 3d data acquisition takes few minutes.
The measuring setup sees Cronos Dual standing vertically, in a tilted position, taking advantage of the whole width of the mesuring volume.

2) Despite of the perfectly matt surface of the handle, the stem is highly reflective, in order to guarantee the highest possible contrast while scanning it is sprayed with a special mattening powder.
The manipulator is set on twelve steps, a couple of rounds of acquisition are enough to complete the model, an STL is then processed from the registered pointclouds.

3) 3d Model is imported in 3d systems DesignX for the reverse engineering stages, DesignX is purpose-built for converting 3d scan data into high-quality feature based CAD models.
Basically, Scan virtually anything and get a manufacturing-ready design.

4) Feature based reverse modelling of the screwdiver performed on the basis of the acquired polygonal entity.

5) Modelling of the blister packaging directly on the previous result.

6) Manufacturing-ready model of the blister packaging, the straightforward workflow guarantees cost reduction and decrease time to market.


Despite processing huge amounts of data, the straightforward workflow is guaranteed thanks to the scanning flow, mostly automated, and the only reverse-engineering software based on direct features pairing on the scan result. Datas are ready to preprocess for the development of mold tools and future production.

Time consuming procedures of measurements and design are completely omitted, the scan process start directly, reliability of the system ensure professional-grade results and compliance with tolerances.

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