A fast, high precision approach to incoming goods quality controls.


In early 2015 Open Technologies was in the process of developing a new real time acquisition device shaped for human body scans, Insight3.
Due to hardware and ergonomics requirements, the shell of the scanner has a very complex shape; which lead to a necessity for an accurate prototyping process and dimensional control, since those cases are 3d printed from third parties.
Cronos Dual scanner captures the entire surface of the part instead of a few significant points.
Evaluating the inspection results on a color deviation map produces self-explanatory corrective measures.
Quality control in plastics manufacturing presents a real challenge as out-of-specification components represent a financial burden to the manufacturer and a huge loss of time, especially in the process of prototyping.

Cronos Dual allows very fast and precise measurements on any incoming plastics, in a matter of minutes the user is able to evaluate all the surfaces of the shell in their complexity as well as wall thickness for a first acceptance test and for compliance check with minimum characteristics and tolerances.


For an efficient workflow, the choice of the equipment has fallen on a Cronos Dual 2.0 Mpx, measuring volume of 400 mm, the resolution is more than enough and the dimension of the measuring volume speeds up the acqusition process and provide a relatively small data to process.
TRM10, Automatic Rotary manipulator adds useful automations, once all the parameters are set, efforts are limited to model positioning.
Aiming to the best possible accuracy, a calibration before the measurement session is required.
Optical RevEng intuitively guides the acquisition process. Inspection reports are generated trough Geomagic ControlX.

Hardware e Software

  •  Cronos Dual 400 mm 2.0 Mpx
  •  Stative stand Salon 190 
  • (available as an optional)
  •  Portable workstation
  •  Optical RevEng 2.4
  •  Rotary manipulator TRM010
  •  Geomagic ControlX


1) Equipment setup.
The optical head is placed at the correct distance, framing the semi-shell with the larger possible measuring volume.

2)Despite the fact that the finishing of the shell surfaces is essentially shiny, no model preparation is needed.
A correct set of parameters for the process of acquiring and cleaning of the point clouds lend to high quality scans and polygonal surfaces that fits the purpose.

3) The manipulator is set on twelve steps, four rounds of acquisition are enough to complete the model both internally and externally.

4) Registration and merging of the pointclouds are automatically carried by Optical RevEng, a polygonal 3d model is then processed and exported.

5) It is then imported into Geomagic ControlX.
This 3d systems Masterpiece represents the ultimate metrology software platform delivering industry’s most powerful tools and straightforward workflows.

6) Shell surfaces are then inspected, deviation maps provide self-explanatory representations.
A series of annotations highlight deviations in critical areas.


3D measuring technologies enables Open Technologies to guarantee the dimensional tolerances of the design for future assembly stages.
A rapid evaluation of the part surfaces allows a higher level of control of the production flow, avoiding unnecessary stops of the assembly line leading to delays in deliveries.

Measuring reports are directly interpreted by the Product Development department for acceptance and, in case, used as a basement for the enhancement of the production efficiency.

Stefano Tregambi (Head of Product development, Open Technologies 3d Scanners) is impressed: “Acceptance tests has never been so quick, evaluating all the features at once led not only to a higher efficiency of the plant but also to an enhancement of the project itself”.

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