Open Technologies at Digital Dental Day

At the Digital Dental Day event of the 6th of April in Cagliari, our best trainer Ms.Lucia Pizzoli will hold a workshop to demonstrate how the choice of the 3D Scanner is a factor that will influence the every-day-life of Dental Labs and Dental Clinics.

Open Technologies, thanks to its very diverse product line can meet the needs of every lab, because we know all are different. Customization and freedom of choice are core values of our company, which strives to be at the service of the user creating functional and accurate machinery.

Our scanners, entirely produced and assembled in Italy, are accompanied by their dedicated scanning software which is developed by Open Technologies internal Research and Development Department. The R&D constantly dialogues with the Production Department to create a perfect synergy between the machine and its software. New features get released with every free-of-charge software’s upgrade so that all of our users can benefit from the newly released technologies.

neway 3d dental scanner